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"walking through open doors..."

About  Tamina

Update! As of January 2024 I will no longer be offering meditation classes but please check out my Schedule as I will still be offering Special Events.


Meditation has become a way of life for me for the 15 years.  This simple exercise for my brain has given me a lot of gifts.  To name a few – a full night’s sleep, lessened anxiety and depression, a sense of purpose, mental clarity, better focus…. Basically a love of life!

I have a pretty amazing family and now I have the ability to enjoy them to the fullest.  My mind used to be so full, so busy with ‘what ifs’ and the ‘worst case scenarios of life’ that I wasn’t able to give them my full attention.  I feel like meditation has given me a new lease on life, a life that is full of opportunities and great experiences to truly enjoy everyone in it. 

I would love to share the gift of meditation with you!

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I really want people to find a way to enjoy their lives to the fullest, and if meditation is for you… well I hope I can give you some tools to attain your goals. I’m excited to share this journey with you!! My hope is to light a path for others to follow.

As the saying goes:

“Teachers open the door, you enter by yourself” -Chinese Proverb


Tamina is a wonderful, inspiring teacher.  She knows firsthand the powerful healing effects of a daily practice of meditation, and can show anyone who is ready to learn how simple and powerful meditation truly is.  Her gentle caring approach makes discovering meditation easy!

Sarah McLean, 

Hay House Author of Soul-Centered

about classes

About  The Classes

Learn how to meditate!


Take a class with MMI Certified Meditation Teacher Tamina Miller

Is it time to get serious about learning to meditate? We've made it easy for you. In a session of classes you'll receive all the information you need to get your meditation practice going.


Taught by Tamina Miller, who received her certification with the McLean Meditation Institute in 2015, as well as her restorative meditation certification with the Amrit Institute in 2020.

This program is ideal for any level —whether you are a beginning meditator, or want to get back on track with meditation.

















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Contact Tamina to Sign up for a class

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Tamina has a soothing style and heart-centered approach that make her a wonderful asset for all those interested in meditation, especially the beginner.


Harrison Graves MD

Author of The Mystical Chakra Mantras


Tamina Miller Meditation

"walking through open doors..."

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