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My Wish….

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

If I could teach my kids anything it would be to not need me. Whenever I say this aloud, someone always says “Your kids will always need you”. But I think I’m not explaining it right.

I hope my kids love to call me, tell me their latest news- good or bad. I hope they know that I’ll always be there to listen. I hope they get excited when I come to visit or at least have the bravery to say they’re not home if they aren’t! 😉

There’s a saying that I love “the aim of a great teacher is to make themselves unnecessary by teaching their pupils all that they know”. And that’s what I mean. I want my kids to believe in themselves, to know that they have their own answers to life’s problems. Everything they need to know is inside them, they just need to stop and listen.

And perhaps they will pause to think of some wise gem I may have bestowed on them in their childhood. Or they will find themselves smiling when they are having a bad day and they remember some crazy thing I may have done to get a laugh out of them in the past. Maybe even a tear when they see something that they know would have moved me.

I wish for them to them to travel to every corner of the earth, or just go out and explore the pasture down the road. I want them to live wherever life takes them. Simply remember that this life they are living is theirs. I want them to take care of themselves by regularly asking “Is this what I want from my life?” And if the answer is no, that they have the courage to change it till it is, and they live with happiness, gratitude and compassion.

I want them to know that when they take care of themselves that it isn’t selfish, in fact it’s the opposite. I want them to know that they are capable of lighting an amazing path – one that others will look at and want to follow.

But mostly I wish for them to know at their very core of being that they are loved, they are cared for, they are safe. They can trust that quiet voice that comes from their heart to guide them thru all their challenges, carrying them to great places. They are so much more than enough and their successes are not dependent on anyone else.

And all these wishes…. They just aren’t for my kids. They are for every single person in this crazy world. Find deep compassion within yourself so you can give unconditional compassion to those around you. Love life and do what makes your heart sing.

In closing, remember that there is no seniority in life. And the word deserving should be removed from the human language. Because at the end of the day, each and every one of us is pure, perfect….

Love, Light and Laughter ❤

Now go on, go live your life!!

My Wish...
My Wish...

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