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Notes From the Farm

Updated: Aug 8, 2018

Today was a sticker day!! You know the kind, where you can actually see your growth and much like when your kids were small we would record the landmark with a sticker on the calendar.

This may not seem momentous to some of you, but today I climbed to the top of the grain bin and opened the lid…. without fear!!!! I have generally avoided this job as my mind would have every shade of fear pass thru it just thinking about it. And watching my kids jump from bin to bin…. almost unbearable! If I absolutely had to climb a bin it was an inchworm event. I would stick as close to the granary and ladder as possible, moving painfully slowly and clinging to each rung like my life depended on it. My husband was generally operating the auger and looking up at me laughing… very hard!!

But today was different. Today I saw that the bin lid needed to be opened and I just went for it. I jumped to the first rung and carefreely continued up the ladder. In fact when I got to the roof I eased myself up onto it instead of studying it for minutes trying to figure out my best plan of attack. Today I just kept on going… and if the truth be told… I actually enjoyed it! I got to the top, popped open the lid then I perched myself up there and guided the auger in. I’m pretty sure my husband was stunned! Then I scurried down with the confidence and ease of a squirrel who just successfully stored all her precious kernels of grain for the winter.

This is just one of the by products I feel with my meditation practice. I even stopped my thoughts halfway up the ladder to realize how much more dangerous my ascent used to be when I was riddled with fear. But today, I enjoyed it, without thought I handled each rung with ease instead of the death grip that used to be my normal.

Yup, today was a good day. Most definitely a sticker day….. now I’m just not sure where to find a sticker with a bin on it!

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