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So now that I meditate I shouldn’t get frazzled… right? Wrong!

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

I can honestly say that my meditation practice has changed my life for the better in so many ways that I can’t keep track. Do I still get frazzled? Yes, but not nearly as often or the the degree I used to. Being frazzled for me pre-meditation days was a way of life. It really could be described as varying degrees of frazzledness. Day to day some things bothered me more than others but my heart in my chest was always racing. I used to tell myself that that was my metabolism, so if my heart was racing I wouldn’t gain weight. Wow! That is interesting information coming from the voice inside my head.

The more I decided to tackle problems and see them as opportunities to grow, instead of “why me?”, “why now?”, “why this?”….. poor, poor me – the more my heart slowed down. And believe it or not, I didn’t gain weight! I actually lost a few pounds.

Once I started meditating, I stopped noticing my heart beat all together. Mostly because it was beating normally and not clamouring in my chest. And this meditating gig, it was actually helping me to sit back and think about what was going on around me instead of getting super frazzled. The old me would have reacted, grabbed a couple of chocolate bars and would start to cook calorie rich comfort food. And then…. I would let the ruminating begin! And all that ruminating made me very hungry 😉

But, back to today. I’ve got a steady meditation practice in place and life is manageable and good. And when it isn’t I have the ability to sit back and listen for that quiet voice of wisdom all the while reminding myself to keep breathing.

Now last week, last week I got frazzled. And not because it was a bad week, just the opposite. It was an amazing week! Pretty normal til Wednesday evening when we had our last dance festival in Sherwood Park. I’m not going to say we aced it (because we didn’t!) but we had so much fun. So much fun that the adjudicator gave us the “Adjudicator’s Choice” award. I was so excited that when I got home at midnite, I couldn’t sleep.

Thursday morning I was up very early to get ready and go to the Women’s conference that I had the opportunity to present at. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of the Cracker Barrel sessions they have, but it is similar to speed dating. I had five groups of women who came to my session every 15 minutes. In that short time I would explain meditation and then give them a short practice run. I will sum in up by saying that it was not relaxing at all….for me! The ladies loved it, so I was thrilled. Then I headed home cooked supper, packed my car up for that evenings class. (I managed to pack everything but that evenings lesson plan! Ughhh). Got to my space and found it was double booked and I needed to figure out Plan B asap!

I’m sure you can figure how this is going… Friday morning gave another class, Friday afternoon a private session. All these events were awesome and great people but somehow I hadn’t slept since Tuesday and I was……. you guessed it! Frazzled!

So even though it was a great fun week, I managed to elevate my cortisol levels (the stress hormone) which in turn disrupted my sleep, which combined brought me to my state of frazzledness. So raising your cortisol for 48 hours + ….. not a good idea!

I probably made my week manageable by keeping my daily meditation practice in place. But I did fail to take care of myself in between. Looking back, I could have given myself a few breaks in between events instead of alluding myself into believing I was Wonder Woman. These weeks are going to happen, but I hope in the future I can be more mindful and slow down along the way when I can. <3

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