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The Importance of Taking Care of Yourself

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

When that little voice of yours says “no” – honour it


When that little voice of yours says “no” – honour it.

For the past week I have had a tickle in my throat. I followed that little voice – I drank tea with honey, gargled hydrogen peroxide, rested, kept a supply of cough drops around and just generally pampered it’s every need. By Monday it was all but gone.

I spent Monday preparing for my meditation class and having a pretty chill kind of day. That night our topic was stress. What causes stress, how stress manifests in our lives, but most importantly what we can do to rid ourselves of stress to help our minds and bodies be as healthy as possible.

In all this planning and teaching I had forgotten the importance of the integration period after meditation. The moments after meditation and the importance to come out slowly and quietly. Giving our bodies the time they need to readjust to all it’s surrounding stimulants.

And the other important factors such as: if you’re interrupted any time during your meditation, the importance to go back and finish your practice for a minimum of 5 minutes. And the last big factor being to go back into your day and routine slowly with ease right after your meditation.

The reason for all of this is to not counteract all the work you’ve done during meditation. You can, amazingly enough, add stress to your mind and body if you don’t heed these small tips.

Well after class on Monday, I had the “opportunity” to practice our dance routine with a couple of girlfriends from my tap group that had attended my class that night. Perfect situation, right? Big hall, dance floor available, music on our phones…..

My first instinct was no! My little voice reminded me of the importance to stay low key after class and just stay relaxed, head home and go to bed. But the “practical” me said we should take advantage of this opportunity.

So, after practising dance, then packing up my meditation class I headed home. On the way I noticed that my throat was becoming scratchy. By the time I got into bed, I was coughing again. And my mind – completely AWAKE! Alert would be a good word, I was alert and coughing….. most all the night.

And now, 2 days later, I don’t have much of a voice. Pull out the tea and honey… Guess I will be doing a lot of listening the next few days! Especially to the little voice in my head that knows best

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