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The Little Voice

Have you ever had life throw you a curve ball? You know, those moments when you think you have a solid plan but the universe whispers in your ear “Wrong plan, try this….” And you don’t always listen to this whisper because you love your plan. And then more things start happening (that weren’t part of your plan) that make your plan a much bigger effort than it needs to be. And sometimes we ignore that little whisper as it becomes a little voice that becomes very persistent, and then, often times, if we still ignore the little voice and we simply get hit on the head with a 2x4…. Anyone know what I’m talking about!?!

I’ve been getting better at hearing the little voice before the 2x4 shows up luckily! I have learned that the sooner I start listening to the little voice the easier my life becomes. You might even want to call it living with ease. I’ve learned that when the little voice starts talking, not only do I need to listen but I need to take action. Things like untying myself from a decision instead of cutting the cord completely. Not burning any bridges and causing unnecessary hurt, but moving on just the same. And the little voice will guide me in the direction of my higher good (if I just listen!).

These quiet little voices are in all of our heads (trust me! I asked someone who has letters behind their name!!). Often the little voice starts off barely audible, but the more I quiet my thoughts, the sooner I can hear it. It may start off as a feeling of disconnect, or things are just off and you can’t explain it to anyone….. Well keep listening, the little voice will become stronger and stronger. The more you fight the little voice, the more persistent it becomes and the more uncomfortable life becomes.

Sometimes when I choose to ignore the little voice I realize that I have developed an attachment to how I want things to be. I bluntly tell the little voice “Thanx but I got this all figured out, I don’t need any help”. Funny thing is, this bluntness is coming from my head and the little voice is coming from my heart…..

Any guesses which one will lead to the highest good for myself and those around me?!

So this attachment that seems to be getting in the way of my ‘head’ messages and my ‘heart’ messages can be a real problem. This attachment is almost always a neediness or a sense of lack on my part. It causes me to not listen to the little voice because I’m afraid of losing something. This neediness is a very loud voice that easily drowns out the little voice. Once I realize things are going south fast, I have now learned to take the time. Sorting out the loud voice, quieting my thoughts so I can hear the little voice…. And letting go of my attachments….

Now something happens when I let go of my attachments. Not gonna lie, it often feels like a huge loss but the opposite is actually true.

By giving up my attachments, it frees me up to move on or fall deeper in love. Most often both!

Now this all sounds very simple and easy, but it certainly isn’t! It takes time, patience and a whole lot of self-care. Finding ways to quiet the loud voice so you can hear the little voice. It takes an enormous amount of letting go.

But in the end it leads you to all kinds of freedoms, clearer thoughts, deeper connections and an unshakable faith in yourself. Yup, I’m talking about falling in love with your life… ultimately yourself.

This little voice will lead you to those ‘a-ha’ ideas that can’t help but work. As well as more creativity in your work, in your play…. A richness in your life that you can’t explain. Moments of complete clarity.

It is hard work listening and acting on the little voice. It takes moments of letting go and feeling great loss. But at the same time, brimming with ecstatic joy! Does that even make sense?!

So my questions to you are:

What is your little voice whispering to you?

What are your unique gifts that are just waiting to be uncovered?

How will you quiet things down to hear it?

The world is waiting for your wisdom, your gifts, your insight….

What are you going to give to yourself that can’t help but be an enormous gift to the world?!

…..What steps are you going to take to live your best life? …..

Now go on, do it!!


Listen to Tamina's audio version:

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