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What will you find when you meditate?

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

Whatever it is that you are looking for. That is the beauty thing about meditating. You simply will find whatever it is that you are looking for. It could be a satisfying career, stronger healthier relationships, inner peace, better health…. even God.

I happened across meditation when I was looking for a way to connect the dots in my own life. From the outside it looked like a beautiful picture. From the inside it was a scrambled mess of dots that didn’t have any connections.

Looking back I can see I’ve been trying to connect these dots since I was a small child. I’ve had a lot of influences along the way that have told me that I would connect all my dots if I found God. Okay! I thought that was the ticket, the easy street. Simply find God and everything would make sense. So I started my search by going to the “right” buildings, hanging out with the “right” people…… learning what I “should” be doing and also what I “shouldn’t”.

The problem was…. I’m not very good at rules. I’ve always wanted to live this dreamlike fantasy that if I followed my heart the dots would connect. But my better judgement told me to listen to others instead of myself. And still I wasn’t connecting my dots in buildings or other people’s beliefs, or by doing what “I should be doing”. It just simply wasn’t working for me and so I stopped… and I felt like a rebel!

So now that I was breaking the rules to finding God…. did that mean I wouldn’t find God? This brought a lot of fear…. if I let myself be who I was and do what I really wanted…. I would be breaking a lot of rules!

So then a whole bunch of new dots came into the picture. Let’s say I could be a “good” person and I followed all the “rules”… well surely I would find God and everything would be grand…..

……But what if I was born in a different country, with different circumstances, within a different culture… would that mean I would be hooped? I would be born into a situation where God was impossible?!

By this point… fast forward to adulthood…. I had a whole whack of dots and not one line between them. So began my quest to find God and see if He even existed. Exploring many faiths and belief systems brought me to meditation. In meditation I began to find quiet spots that let my dots stop dancing wildly. And do you know what else I found in that quiet? ….. God.

But this God was different than the one I perceived growing up. This one loved and accepted every living being regardless of how or where they grew up. And the rules….. they didn’t even matter! All my dots were lining up just waiting for me to connect them! This meant that the world could make sense.

Not only that but I started to feel love and compassion for myself and with that, everyone around me. Strangely I felt like I was finally following the rules! Not because I was supposed to but because I wanted to. But the rules are different now, and go something like this:

“Follow your heart…. it will never lie to you” <3

And as I follow this one simple rule, my dots seem to be connecting with every step I take. And with that I’m pretty sure I found what I had set out looking for.


Listen to Tamina's audio version:

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