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Why I became a meditation teacher

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

A year ago I finished my morning meditation and had an A-HA moment. “What if I could teach others to find inner peace and calm in their lives too?”

How exciting would that be?!…. To help others sleep at night, process thoughts better, be kinder to their kids….. well the list went on and on. At that moment I decided I wanted to be a teacher – “A Lighter of Light, a Dispeller of Darkness” just to quote a great friend and classmate of mine, Bree Racine Manninen.

But how would I do this? I didn’t have formal training. Heck, I’m not even sure how I became a successful meditator. I had put a lot of puzzle pieces together to get to where I had…. and well I simply didn’t know how to explain all those pieces to people around me.

So my search began to find a teacher who could teach me to be a teacher. And that’s when I discovered the internet has a lot of crap out there!

Most importantly was to find a secular program. I didn’t want to find a course that taught a specific belief system. Telling someone what to believe just isn’t my thing, but teaching them how to take care of themselves… most definitely!!!!

After much searching and weeding I found The McLean Meditation Institute founded by best selling Hay House author Sarah McLean. At that moment I knew Sarah would be my teacher

Tamina Miller & Sarah McLean Winter 2015
Tamina Miller & Sarah McLean Winter 2015

Listen to Tamina's audio version:

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