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Meditation and Wellness Retreat

Fresh cut joy 
Alliance, Alberta, Canada
June 11, 2022
What people had to say about it
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Stop, take in the small moments and just hold space knowing you can be attentive and not have to "fix" everything.  Great job Tamina and Dream Team! You make 'my birthday' weekend even better!!

- Lois

Made me write goals in my journal to strive for which I have never done before

- Denise

A renewed sense of wellness.  A need to invest in self-care

- Lana

Learning to settle myself when feeling anxious.  Really needed this!  I really enjoyed the colouring at the tables.  I realized that I listen better while keeping my hands busy.

- Leah

Everything was honestly just perfect and so needed.  So beneficial  and can be applied to my daughter as well.

- Billie

I loved everything.  I loved that size of the group, it was very personal. I will be looking into Krista and Grant as well as trying Qigong.  Venue was wonderful.  Alliance is a wonderful town. I did not want to miss this as I registered as soon as it was open.  It didn't disappoint!

- Corinne

We need to take care of ourselves before we can take care of others. 

- Barb

The spaced was excellent.  Food wonderful.  I always enjoy time spent with other people who are going through some of the same things I am.

- Judy

Awesome.  Skilled.  Professional.  I choose Joy!  Thank you!

- Randy

I'm going home with my tires pumped up again.

- Debbie

I'm feeling very uplifted.  Joy!  And a peaceful mindset

- Nikki

Program was great.  Nice balance of movement and information.  Grant's tapping skills.  Krista's somatic breathing - will be looking into.  Heaps of ZEN ENERGY

- anonymous 

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Tamina Miller Meditation

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