Meditation Classes

Join me at the cabin where I promise to have a cozy warm fire to greet you on the cold days​.

We would love to have you come to the cabin but if you live too far away, or simply love learning from the comfort of your own home, meet us online.  Join our private Facebook Live Group. 


Learn the how’s and why’s to meditation.  Loads of practical information as well as new skills and tools each class. If you already have an existing practice or simply want to get back on track, these classes are perfect for you! 

The latest research and findings will be discussed as well as finding ways to overcome obstacles so you can implement a lasting practice.


2020 Dates:

Spring classes tba mid to late March.  Classes available at the Cabin in Alliance or with our Facebook Live private group

$25 each

$80 to join all 4 for spring sessions

Sound and Meditation with Linda and Tamina

Sound healing with Linda's singing bowls plus Tamina leading you thru meditation.  We will mix just the right amount of meditation with sound to give you a complete relaxation experience!

Tuesday evenings

Spring dates tba mid to late March


YMCA – Yoga, Meditation, Chocolate in Alliance! 

Every fall and spring Sharon Moser and myself offer this class to give complete mind, body and soul relaxation.  This 4 week class is a specialty class where we discuss yoga’s origin, followed by restorative yoga combined with meditation. 

Each pose Sharon takes us through is healing and restorative to the body as she supports you in every way with the numerous props we have in the cabin.  During each pose, Tamina leads you thru a relaxing meditation so your whole being can unwind and take a break from life’s stresses. 

We end the class with a bite of dark chocolate just in case you need to relax just a little bit more.

Spring dates tba mid to late March

$120 for 4 classes

Corporate Sessions

$157.50 – ½ hour staff break

$262.50 – 1 hour session for staff

Mileage charged on locations over 50km 

On the Road Workshops

$50/person – 3 hour session

Minimum 10 people

Visit Facebook For Updates and Info

Classes available at the cabin or via Facebook Live

 - so you can live anywhere and still take a class!

**there won't be any classes in March as I will be taking time off for new training and will spend the last half of the month deciding what spring classes will look like.  (there will be 4 new class options in April and May tba)

Contact Tamina to Sign up for a class


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