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Meditation Class Schedule

Join me at the cabin where I promise to have a cozy warm fire to greet you on the cold days​.



Learn the how’s and why’s to meditation.  Loads of practical information as well as new skills and tools each class. If you already have an existing practice or simply want to get back on track, these classes are perfect for you! 

The latest research and findings will be discussed as well as finding ways to overcome obstacles so you can implement a lasting practice.

We will spend the first part of class talking about and writing out our intentions for the week. It is so important to set in our minds where we want life to take us instead of being helpless to where life goes! It does incredible things for our minds when we are intentional with how we choose to live our lives.

I will teach all about meditation so that you will have clear idea of what meditation is and isn't. Based on what I've learned in my studies and the latest books I've been reading.

We will go thru a restorative meditation to completely relax your body and your mind, planting all those intentions at the deepest level.


Upcoming  Dates for 2022 tba:

Watch here for classes coming fall of 2022

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Classes available at the cabin via Facebook Live or Zoom

 - so you can live anywhere and still take a class!

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Tamina Miller Meditation

"walking through open doors..."

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