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Tamina Miller Meditation


Tamina Miller Meditation logo
Tamina Miller Meditation logo

“Tamina is a wonderful, inspiring teacher.  She knows firsthand the powerful healing effects of a daily practice of meditation, and can show anyone who is ready to learn how simple and powerful meditation truly is.  Her gentle caring approach makes discovering meditation easy!” – Sarah McLean, Hay House Author of Soul-Centered

“Tamina has a soothing style and heart-centered approach that make her a wonderful asset for all those interested in meditation, especially the beginner.” – Harrison Graves MD, Author of The Mystical Chakra Mantras

“Tamina has the unique gift of calling stillness and compassion into any space.  When I was a child, my mother and father taught me to listen for the “still small voice” inside of me helping me to know the path of peace.  As an adult, it’s sometimes difficult to find that path without the help of a tender voice to guide you to the stillness inside.  Tamina guided me lovingly, even tenderly to that space and escorted me to the experience of my own wellspring of healing and hope.  I must admit, sometimes I opened my eyes to watch her guide meditations.  She’s like this little , shining Buddha figure, glowing her way in the front of the group, leading all to light.” – Reed Cowan, Journalist, Filmmaker, Author

“I really can’t wait a whole week to come back to your class” -my beautiful 9 year old niece Tierra

Tamina Miller Meditation logo

“Tamina is a wonderful teacher!  She is so positive and kind, which comes out in her teaching style.  Her meditations are nurturing and calming.  She is a natural! – Ann Sexton, Classmate

“Tamina’s guided meditation was like being wrapped in a warm blanket.  You could feel the love in her words as she guided us into a beautifully written meditation.  I feel lucky to have been in the presence of such a positive, kind and loving person.” – Camille Coyle, Classmate

“Tamina has an excellent voice and is easy to follow.  She is passionate and excited about the practice – this was infectious! Since taking her course I find myself more centered and able to stop and think before reacting in a stressful situation”  – Raylene Bateman, student

“Tamina was very attentive to a person as they would share with the class.  I felt I could be very open and honest with her and the group. Any time we had a question or concern Tamina was very helpful and insightful, never judgemental.  She was very understanding when it came to people having challenges with keeping an everyday practice up.  The benefits I found were the importance of taking time for myself and learning to be kind to myself.  How the simple act of remaining quite and calm for even just a few minutes can change the course of your day.  I hope to take more classes with you her in the future!!  Loved it!!” – Doreen Blumhagen, student

Tamina Miller Meditation logo

“Tamina is a very cheerful, friendly, caring person who listened to all of our concerns.  I really appreciated the sharing times – she was very open and honest which encouraged us to be comfortable sharing.  I wanted to be able to sleep better and this has definitely happened – I feel more rested than I have in ages.  I have become more aware of little things in my surroundings and make a point to enjoy and appreciate them.  I think I have slowed my pace a bit, and am a little more relaxed about some things that would have really bothered me before.”   – Laura Towers, student

“Tamina was very friendly and cared what people had to say… super wonderful!  ….it was more than I thought it would be. This course was a good start to a forever practice.” – Shawna Fordice, student

“After much deliberation, I decided to try something out of my normal box of NORMAL activity. Never having tried meditation I will admit I was sceptical at first whether it would be something for me. After the first few classes I saw that this could a very useful tool for my life. I enjoyed most of the meditations , some will take more practice (aka walking meditation). Over all I felt the class was beneficial in helping me to relax and to be able to just slow down my mind in general. Thank you very much for the excellent teaching. I found you were very knowledgable and had lots of great extra reading material for us students to read. Wishing you all the best in your future classes” – Velma Schofield, student

“You were the extra little light that I was needing in my meditation practice.  I enjoy the ease and comfort that come with being in your presence.  You’ve left me with tools that I’ve been able to choose from that suit my meditation practice. I am more present and my family is grateful for my additional patience (which still needs some work :)). I enjoyed the sharing time, which more often than not, gave me an insight into my own practice. Your initial truth in sharing what you had been through, captivated me. You made it real.” – Genelle Bunbury, student

Tamina Miller Meditation logo

“The course was beyond my expectations.  I loved what we learned and the meditations.   Tamina was super!  She was very compassionate and clear.  I liked her personal stories- very funny and real.  I notice a significant difference in how I handle stress.  The “stressful” event still can take place, but I feel I am in a bubble and can handle it well.” – Glenda Ries, student

“I surprised myself with how well I did and how fast I made it a daily routine.  Tamina was the best, soft spoken, perfect voice for the guided meditation, compassionate, clear, made things interesting and easy to follow.  Use of the white board was perfect.  Very attentive to my needs.   Answered all my questions in a very timely manner and took suggestions to heart. Sooo beneficial.  I am a new person.  I am sleeping better than I have in years.  I worry about things in general way less and I know how to calm myself when life gets tough.” – Michelle Kieser, student

“If you are even a little curious about meditation I would highly recommend joining one of Tamina’s sessions. She is knowledgeable and passionate about helping others become better versions of themselves. Her classes are fun and informative and her positive energy and passion is contagious. Joining her class was one of the best gifts that I ever gave to myself.” – Leslie Roland, student

“Tamina couldn’t have been more wonderful!  She is a very compassionate soul and made me feel completely welcome.  She was always happy to see everyone and greeted each person with a smile.  She did a fantastic job teaching and was very easy to understand and follow.  Mentally I feel like meditation has helped me clear and organize my thoughts.  The days that I meditate, things run smoother and I have a much more laid back, calm outlook on my day.” – Tannis Zimmel, student

“Very good, natural caring teacher – could not be better really.  Beneficial? YES 100%” -Debbie Sinke, student

I appreciated all of the new learnings integrated with the practice.  I also appreciated the alternate weekly review and hearing others progress and challenges, which often echoed my own.  The course materials was interesting, valuable and not overwhelming. Tamina has such passion and commitment to sharing her knowledge, love and benefits of meditation!  She ROCKS!  Clear, compassionate, attentive and AMAZING.  My response to situations and ability to sit back and reflect before reacting have been my greatest learnings!  Loved it and will definitely do this again….I’m going to need a refresher and believe I will learn something new each time I take it.  I highly, highly recommend it! -Tammy Lang, student

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